Having acquired a formal educational background in sociology and communications, I bring over 20 years of broad and diverse communications expertise focused on government, corporate, private business, career counselling and the non- profit sectors.

Over the course of my experience, I have developed strong writing and presentation skills. I now proudly work within the funeral industry, and have a passion for assisting at services and helping to meet the needs and expectation of grieving families and friends.

The impact that one’s life has is both remembered and honoured. The impact that one’s life lives has upon our own, especially those close to us, is immense and can’t be overstated.

As such, I am committed to ensuring unique and special remembrances of a life lost, are captured and reflected through carefully crafted words and descriptives relevant to that person’s life. This includes the special souls of beloved pets.

Please contact me for an initial consultation and more information.

“The truest end of life is to find that life does not end.” ~ unknown